Foundation Stage

FS workshops designed to explore the parables of Jesus and discover the life-lessons they teach.

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The Good Samaritan

helping & showing kindness

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The Two Builders

making wise choices

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The Good Shepherd

we're all special and loved

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The Rich Farmer

sharing with others

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The Lost Coin

all have value & worth

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The Ten Lepers

saying thank you

Mix and match our 1-hour workshops to suit your Foundation Stage curriculum and which life-values you wish to teach.

F1 Which Stories are special and why?

F5 Being special: where do we belong?

F2 Which people are special and why?

F4 What times are special and why?

FS workshops designed to explore the person of Jesus. 

Discover how and why Christians celebrate his birth, death & resurrection.

Using Godly Play, Lego, cartoon animation and puppets to help the children understand the order of events Christians remember at Easter, and how these events show God's love for people then and now.

  Easter Journey 

Based on the Usbourne book The Story of Jesus, we help the children to picture themselves in the events of Holy Week, from waving palm branches, through sharing a meal and celebrating Easter Day.


 Easter Walk Thru

These four workshops are stand-alone. We recommend that you allow 1¼ - 1½ hours for the Walk Thru sessions; the other two fit our regular 1-hour timeframe.

Thinking about what makes a good party and that Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, we use puppets, animation and storytelling to introduce key characters and discover what makes this festival so special in the Christian calendar.

  Jesus' Birthday 

Based on the Usbourne book The Story of Jesus, we help the children to picture themselves in the events around the birth of Jesus, including the wonder of the shepherds, the honour of the wise men and the love of Mary & Joseph.

Nativity Walk Thru


A choice of workshops exploring:

the features of church buildings;

what makes church special for Christians;

and the value of a place of worship.

F3 What places are special & why?

F6 What is special about our world?

These workshops are designed to help Foundation Stage children discover faith and value as they become more aware of the world around them and what their place in it might be.

Choose from workshops thinking about:

the wonders of the natural world;

how Christians tell the creation story;

what we can do to help look after the world​.

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