Key Stage 1
Why is the Bible so important for Christians today?
What is the importance of a church building?
How and why do Christians celebrate special events?
>Introduce the Bible as a
  collection of books.
>Explore stories Jesus told
and why he told them.
>Discuss the wisdom behind
Biblical stories and events.
>What are the main features
of a Christian church?
>How and why do Christians
worship together?
>What part do Christian signs and symbols have in worship?

These workshops explore the traditions and modern practices of Christians today. Each topic can be presented as a single 1-hour session, or why not explore your chosen theme from different angles by booking a double-workshop half day visit?

1.1 Who is a Christian and what do they believe?
1.7 What does it mean to belong to a faith community?
• Discover some of the beliefs that Christians hold about God: all-powerful, loving, forgiving.
• Explore aspects of art and music to see how they might express ideas about God.
• Reflect on and express some of the 'big questions' about life and God (Quiz a Christian).
• Think about some of the beliefs that Christians hold about Jesus: kind to people in need,
   performed miracles; that he is the son of God and that he lives.
• Investigate how Christians meet together to follow teaching from the Bible, pray for each
   other and the world, and worship God.

These workshops also explore the traditions and modern practices of Christians today. Either topic can be presented as a single 1-hour session or Inspire can cover two elements within a theme when you book a double-workshop half day visit.

Lake Landscape
Explore the Biblical creation story.

What does the creation story tell us about God?

How do Christians see their role in caring for God's creation?

Created world

Lake Landscape
What do Jesus' life and parables tell us about caring for each other?

Explore how unique, important and valued by God we each are. 

How do Christians respond to God by caring for others?

Care of others

Lake Landscape
Explore the stories of Jesus and what they teach about choices.

What does the Bible tell us about good and bad, right & wrong?

How do Christians use their faith to decide right from wrong?

Right & wrong

1.8 How should we care for others and the world,
      and why does it matter?

This range of workshops each explore an element of the curriculum topic 1.8, giving the children a solid base from which to develop their own opinions. Through interactive delivery and associated activity choices, the children are encouraged to think through and express their own views as they feel able.

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