Lower Key Stage 2
L2.1 What do different people believe about God?
Strand: believing, recommended for year 3
  • Identify core beliefs about God that are held by Christians

  • Explore stories from the Old & New Testaments which identify God's character

  • Discover how stories Jesus told teach life lessons about God and ourselves

  • Value the testimonies of Christian children and adults

  • Suggest how & why having a Christian faith can be hard but beneficial

Reading Bible
L2.2 Why is the Bible important for Christians today?
Strand: believing, recommended for year 3
  • Discover how & why Christians believe the Bible is a guidebook for life

  • Explore the 'big story' of God's dealings with people: creation, the Fall, salvation

  • Identify what the Bible teaches about love & forgiveness, saying sorry & thankyou

  • Explore the Old Testament narrative of 'The Ten Best Ways' to live

  • Suggest why Christians believe God sent his Son, Jesus to rescue human beings

L2.3 Why is Jesus inspiring to some people?
Strand: believing, recommended for year 4
  • Explore events of Holy Week to discover why Jesus is important to Christians, through Easter foods, symbols & Religious Expression

  • Discover how the cross has become a Symbol of Love and how Christians show gratitude to Jesus for saving them and dealing with sin and death

  • Christians believe Jesus’ death and resurrection opens up a way for people to be forgiven and get close to God – explore life after death through art.

  • Explore the impact following Jesus has on peoples lives, including how/why Christians rely on the Holy Spirit to follow and be more like Jesus










Consider the practice of prayer and its importance


Discover ways of praying as children & adults


See how prayer comforts  and challenges believers


Explore the Christian belief that God gives wisdom, strength & understanding  if we ask (in prayer)



Make connections between stories, symbols, meanings & beliefs


Explore the Christian calendar - Harvest, Advent, Christmas, Easter


Consider the meaning, role & benefits of celebrations


Think about expression through sounds, actions, story & rituals


Consider the value and meaning of ceremonies marking milestones in life


Think about steps on the faith journey, including child or adult baptism


Explore the Bible & Jesus as guidebook and example in living a good life


Discover what Christians think about life after death

Strand: expressing       Strand: expressing       Strand: expressing       Strand: expressing       Strand: expressing


L2.7 What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today?

Explore what Christians do to show their faith within their church communities.

Find out how Christians help make a difference in the worldwide community.

Discover ways in which Christians express their faith through actions.

Strand: living, recommended year 3


L2.9 What can Christianity say on deciding right and wrong?

How does Christianity help us to decide what is right and wrong


Look at the life & stories of Jesus  as a guide & example, including the idea of temptation & salvation

Hear testimonies of inspirational contemporary Christians in the public eye

Strand: living, recommended year 4

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