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FS & KS1 Stories of Jesus 

Workshops designed to explore the parables of Jesus and discover the life-lessons they teach.

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The Good Samaritan

helping & showing kindness

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The Rich Farmer

sharing with others

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The Two Builders

making wise choices

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The Lost Coin

we all have value & worth

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The Good Shepherd

we're all special and loved

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The Ten Lepers

saying thank you

KS2 Easter Workshops 

Exploring the importance of Easter for Christians and looking at symbols and religious expression

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Easter Skies

Exploring Easter through art - specifically expressing emotions associated with events remembered by Christians on Good Friday & Easter Sunday.

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Symbolic Foods

Looking at some traditional Easter foods and how they reflect the events of Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

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Symbols of Love

Discovering how the cross has become one of the most recognised symbols in the world and why Christians see it as a symbol of God's love to everyone.

KS1  Easter Workshops 

Exploring how and why Christians celebrate Easter - what do they believe and who is Jesus?

Using Godly Play, Lego, cartoon animation and puppets to help the children understand the order of events Christians remember at Easter, and how these events show God's love for people then and now.

Easter Journey

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Based on the Usbourne book The Story of Jesus, we help the children to picture themselves in the events of Holy Week, from waving palm branches, through sharing a meal and celebrating Easter Day.

Walk Thru Easter

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Summer Term Specials
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